Principal Product and User Experience Lead in NYC

Posted in Open Requirements by LNplus2 on February 1, 2010

Please inquire for details at lnashanchik@lnplus2.com

The Principal Product and User Interface lead provides strategy, design solutions, development continuity, implementation oversight, as well as optimization of user experience for the client’s content division. This role is responsible for working closely with stakeholders across multiple disciplines to define a cohesive vision and gather and prioritize requirements that contribute to and support the client’s business strategy.


  1. Contribute to an environment where established metrics, quality improvement, experience design craft, consumer-centricity, and inclusiveness of ideas thrive.
  2. Initiate and lead strategic design projects with senior management.
  3. Take a given product through all phases in the lifecycle from initial strategy through optimization tied to data points.
  4. Ensure that Product Design conceives and builds branded customer experiences that are effortless to use, and connected to the things our users value most.
  5. Create the deliverables of a User Interface professional, which include site maps, user stories and flows, profiles, and interface designs.
  6. Lead consumer testing efforts to validate directions.
  7. Collaborate with other disciplines to define the vision and requirements for a given initiative.
  8. Author and maintain standards-related material tied to products.
  9. Continually research outside consumer trends to keep our products innovative and competitive.

10.  Question problem definitions and reframe to address the true underlying issues.

11.  Possess a strong design vision and have sufficient UI and technical knowledge to constructively challenge current practices and approaches.

12.  Create consensus around new ideas and initiatives, building confidence in the outcome.



Bachelors degree (in Design or HCI preferred but not required). And/or 8-10 years of related experience.


In terms of professional profile, the ideal candidate will be highly intelligent, team-oriented, affable and well rounded. They will have had experience leading product design development at either a Web company, or a consulting or marketing service such as Accenture or Digitas, where metrics play a large part in decision-making. S/he should quickly be viewed by her/his peers as reasoned, apolitical, constructive and driven by common corporate goals.

This leader must have a genuine passion for the Web and the application possibilities it offers.

Candidates will have consummate leadership skills with significant experience in building successful products in Internet-related working environments. They must be regarded as an expert on UI design issues and possess mastery of the fundamentals of design, design process, technologies, and workflow.

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